We have arranged a number of discount arrangements with a selection of suppliers, these include garden centres and specialist nurseries. At present these are:

Forest Lodge Garden Centre Holt Pound
GU10 4LD
Offers members of the club a discount of 10% off normal prices. Members must present the club’s discount card at the time of purchase. These cards are distributed annually, usually, at annual membership renewal but can be obtained by contacting the discounts facilitator shown on the committee page.See
Provender Nurseries
The Landscape Centre
Leydenhatch Lane
A major wholesale suppliers of wholesales plants and
horticultural suppliers with whom we have trade membership offering substantial discounts  compared to retail outlets. Although some distance from Rowledge the additional mileage can be offset by the effective discount and range of product stocked. Just remember – though – they do not have a delivery service! If you do intend to visit them you will need to borrow their trade card that is available from the discounts facilitator shown on the committee page.See
Southern Fruit Trees
Old Grain Dryer Corner
GU33 6BPTel: 01420 488822
This family run business with its own nursery offers club members a 10% discount on production of a current club membership card. They are located near the (now closed) Blackmoor Shop.Their catalogue contains about 150 varieties/form of apple, from old 19th century varieties, for those wanting to plant Victorian or Edwardian period orchards, to the modern disease resistant varieties only introduced in the 21st century like “Braeburn”. They also have many varieties of pears, plums, peaches, nectarines and cherries as well as soft fruits, nuts, flowering cherries and many others. The stock is based on 2 year old home grown quality trees rather than the usual 1 year old whips. Many top fruit varieties are available as cordon, espalier or fan-trained, as dwarf or standard.Please note limited summer opening hours, see their web site for more details.
Marshalls Seeds (mail order) Marshalls seeds give Rowledge Gardening Club members the following discounts:*   Seeds           50%
*   Potatoes, Onions, Shallots, Garlic etc.                 20%
*   soft and top fruit vegetable plants and equipment       10%These discounts are ONLY available to the club not individual members, so we have to place a single order compiled from those of individual members. Furthermore the minimum order value to qualify is £100.00.If you are considering making any substantial purchases that either meets or exceeds the above criteria or could make a significant contribution to such a qualifying order that together with one or more other members order would qualify then please email the discounts facilitator.
Harrod Horticultural
We have negotiated a trade discount with Harrod Horticultural of 15% against any of the products in their trade brochure – their in house designed and manufactured, range of arches, pergolas, obelisks, walk in steel fruit cages, decorative cages, vintage arches and plant supports etc.

In addition we receive 10% against the majority of tools and sundries (including netting, fleece, tools, pest control and so on) which are in their ‘grow your own’ brochure.

Some products that are exempt from any discount – such as greenhouses and top soil – anything on their website that states ‘exempt from any further promotion or discount’

These discounts are ONLY available to the club not individual members, so we have to place a club order. There is no lower limit of on order value.

If you are considering making any purchase then please email the discounts facilitator with your shopping list who will then confirm final costs on your behalf and then subject to your payment (in advance) place the order for you. Delivery by Harrod will be to a nominated address from which you will need to collect the order.

If you have further queries please contact the club discounts facilitator.


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