Cuttings Workshop

Date(s) - 09/07/2015
14:00 - 16:00
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Location TBA


Once again we were lucky with the weather, following a chilly morning the afternoon warmed up considerably and 12 club members gathered in Maggy’s garden, under a gazebo thoughtfully erected by her for our first Cuttings Workshop. We all arrived armed with secateurs as instructed and were further issued with plastic bags, ties and small pots ready to make a foray into her garden looking for choice specimens from which to take our own cuttings.

However before this Maggy gave us an introduction to the art (science?) of how to take a cutting explaining that the ones we would mainly be taking today were to be from hard wood. She had a container of rooting medium made from a 50:50 mixture of compost and sand for improved drainage ready for the purpose.

To those of us uninitiated in this art Maggy carefully went through the required steps, from removing a cutting from the parent plant, preparing it for making the cutting by ensuring that the cut was just below a leaf joint, of a suitable length, with just a few leaves left at the top. She noted that if the leaf was too big they could be reduced in size to reduce the transpiration load on the cutting. Dipped into rooting powder the cutting was then pushed into the perimeter of the pot, labelled and then left (ensuring adequate moisture content) alone until new growth and leaves appear.

Thus fully briefed we all set off round Maggy’s garden where with her help we all took a set of cuttings to our own choice.The afternoon finished with tea and cake and we all sat with much discussion of the proceedings finishing with a sincere thankyou to Maggy for arranging such a well organised and informative event.

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