Talk “The Scented Garden” by Antony Powell

Date(s) - 10/03/2016
20:00 - 21:30
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Rowledge Village Hall


Antony Powell first trained with Hillier Nurseries before completing an HND in amenity horticulture at Askham Bryan College. He has worked in nurseries and gardens in England and France and travelled to many other countries during his horticultural career.He now manages four gardens in North Hampshire / West Berkshire.

At a very well attended meeting of some 50 members of the club Anthony kicked off his talk with some quotes from a book by Francis Bacon regarding the importance of fragrance in the garden.

Anthony then explored the question of whether one person’s perception of a particular fragrance is the same as another’s. He contrasted this with colour in its standardisation through the use of colour charts. (He gave away the fact that it was much cheaper to use a paint manufacturer’s colour chart rather than the official plantsman colour chart provided by the RHS!) In the case of fragrance there is reliance on more general terms to describe a particular smell such as those widely used by sommeliers to describe a particular wine.

To demonstrate this point two brave volunteers from the audience were, with their eyes firmly shut, asked to describe the fragrance of a few plants wafted under their noses. Finally, still with their eyes closed they were asked to identify a ripe banana which they were both able to do and agree on.

Following this episode of audience participation Anthony went on with a slide show illustrating a wide range of plants which could be used to provide scent in the garden throughout the year. During this presentation Anthony emphasised the importance of such plants in positions where they can have maximum effect, for instance on a path leading to a front door or by a garden seat

The evening finished with a lively Q&A session.

The following day Gardeners’ world also had a feature on the scented garden proving yet again how much Rowledge Gardening Club is in the vanguard.


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