Tree walk

Date(s) - 09/06/2016
11:00 - 12:30
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Alice Holt Research Station


We chose another fine morning for our annual Tree Walk with our very own expert member Brian Greig who took nineteen of us into the Alice Holt research station where he had worked for many years before retirement. He showed us 30 trees some of which had been planted in Victorian times  and others which had been planted during his own time there including one tree planted by him personally. He explained that the Research Station is world renowned for its work.

We had a particularly interesting debate about Ash “Dieback” and Brian did his best in lay mans terms, to explain the difficulties of controlling this.  Dieback of ash, also known as Chalara , is a disease of ash trees caused by a fungus called Hymenoscyphus fraxineus. Chalara causes leaf loss, crown dieback and bark lesions in affected trees.

This was the third annual tree walk that we have done with Brian and is such a popular event with our members that it is an immediate “sell out” as soon at it becomes available to our members.


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