Visit to Knowle Grange

Date(s) - 10/09/2015
14:00 - 16:00
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Knowle Grange


ViewToTheHouseOn the day of the visit the weather took a turn, not for the worse, but for the better! So when we arrived the Sun was shining and everything was set for a beautiful afternoon.We were warmly greeted by Mrs. Wood, the owner and designer of the garden, she was a charming lady of French descent and gave us a brief Introduction and a guide to the garden she also told us the total number of bricks that were used in its construction (so far!).She explained that she started on the construction around 1990 when she designed a colonnaded arcade around an existing pond to prevent her children falling in. The result inspired her and with the active support and encouragement of her husband led her to do more. So year by year she designs a new area of the garden. It’s a continuing project!

Thus briefed we were left, with the aid of the guide, to explore the garden ourselves.  To call Knowle Grange a garden is a gross over simplification it is really a whole range of individual gardens creatively inter connected to produce an inspiring whole.

Quietly Reading


We all set off in different directions and due to the scale of the garden lost sight of each other quickly only to get glimpses through the plantings.

The more adventurous amongst us set off to explore the unicursal path, but regretfully were unable to discover “its secret”.


In all this writer has to say that Knowle Grange is one of the most interesting gardens he has visited, reminiscent of the classical gardens seen in Italy and France. The afternoon came to a most satisfactory end with tea and a delicious selection of cakes served by Mrs. Wood. After which we assembled for the group photo including Mrs Wood.


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